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esdreika can you make the in-game camera little-bit faster please in your Michiko



This is a pretty cool and interesting little puzzle game. The graphics are decent, the music is awesome, and the games story/narrative is rather enjoyable. I have never been good when it comes to playing puzzle games. But am a huge fan of the Portal style of puzzles. They lay everything out there for you and its your job to connect what it is you need to do. I feel this game takes a lot of inspiration from that and builds on it in their own way. I was also surprised by this game and its opening sequence. Not a lot of games can really show the amount of time put into them and this is only a demo. I feel with more time, this could be a really cool and unique game that I look forward to seeing. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

I contacted you on Facebook! (Please look under Message Requests if the message is there! Thanks)