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Welcome to Michiko, a Story told through a short animated movie and a video game. Both the Movie and the Game were made by Students at the Mediadesign Hochschule München.

It follows the Story of little Michiko and her struggle to escape a rampant A.I holding her hostage in a virtual simulation.


Please keep in mind that we're currently working on this project! We also appreciate every bit of feedback we can get! Thanks!

Currently also working on an Android Version and VR Version!


  • Animated Intro
  • Puzzle your way through 6 Levels (Currently 5 in this Demo)
  • 6 Cubes to interact and combine
  • Voicelines for all characters & a fully voiced Tutorial
  • And some easter eggs ...

If you like to help us please post a comment if you find bugs, dislike something or just had a cool experience with our game!

Show it to your friends, share it on social media or post your screenshots, thoughts or critics under the #michikogame hashtag!

Michiko from Ilhan Soydemir on Vimeo.

Armin Theisz
Joel Laqua
Silvya Fiedler
Anton Günther
Neal Hertzke
Hanna Gärtner
Ilhan Soydemir
Victoria Pascual

Music & Sound:
Music & Sfx Michael Klier
Voicelines Markus Wittershagen

Michiko: Lina El-Ghawi
P.H.E.L.I.A: Linda Weichenrieder
Father: Ralph Arccado

Dominik Mieth
Henning Janssen
Utz Wagner
Christoph Minnameier
Jakob Thomsen

Contact: contact@esdreika.net

Changelog 18.05.2017

  • Minor Improvements & Fixes

Changelog 19.03.2017:

  • Main Menu added
  • Level 04 Revelation added
  • New Music added
  • Fixed some Bugs
  • Improved on Gamepad and Mouse/Keyboard Controls


Michiko_AlphaMay2017_x86.zip 126 MB


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This is a pretty cool and interesting little puzzle game. The graphics are decent, the music is awesome, and the games story/narrative is rather enjoyable. I have never been good when it comes to playing puzzle games. But am a huge fan of the Portal style of puzzles. They lay everything out there for you and its your job to connect what it is you need to do. I feel this game takes a lot of inspiration from that and builds on it in their own way. I was also surprised by this game and its opening sequence. Not a lot of games can really show the amount of time put into them and this is only a demo. I feel with more time, this could be a really cool and unique game that I look forward to seeing. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

I contacted you on Facebook! (Please look under Message Requests if the message is there! Thanks)